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Watch How Fire Caught Houses and Building of Israel

Watch How fire caught many Houses and Building of Israel after they banned Azan from Mosques of Israel. This fire burned many houses and building over there. Recently, Israeli Parliament passed a resolution in which they forced their government to ban Azan from Mosques of Israel and the person who …

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International Media making Fun of Indian Missile failed experiment

Watch How International media is making fun of Indian Missile failed experiment. Indian authorities have tried an experiment with their New Missile which was failed badly and that Missile was crashed while Testing. International media in their report disclose this experiment and mocked Indian government’s failed Missile experiment and laughed …

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Indian Army officer exposed its own Army’s failures

Watch How Indian Army officer is leaking its own Army’s failures Live. An Indian Army officer was leaking and exposing his own Army’s failures. India is in a mood of war against Pakistan after their military base camp was attacked in Kashmir recently. Indian media and government blamed Pakistan for …

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