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Amazing wave pool Entertainment – WOW!

Watch Amazing Wave Pool Entertainment. We are living in a world where we see new Technologies and things for entertainment everyday. Many countries of the world are producing latest things for human beings to entertain themselves but China is always ahead of the world in new inventions. China always impressed …

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How to refill gas in Tyre within few seconds

Watch how to refill gas in Tyre within few seconds. Sometimes when we are driving or going somewhere, The gas of car’s Tyre can be leaked due to which we can not drive car properly. Due to this issue you cannot travel urgently. Sometimes it happens that you don’t have …

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How to make Shoes from Old Tyre

Watch How to make shoes from old Tyre. Usually Tyre which are useless and we throw them into baskets, These Tyre can be used in many ways. Like you can see in this video How these Talented people are working hard and preparing shoes from old and useless Tyre. In …

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