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Great words said by American Journalist for Pakistan

American female journalist who is Touring many countries of the world is in Pakistan these days said some great words about Pakistan and Pakistani people. The American Journalist gave her superb remarks about Pakistan and said that Pakistani people are very loving, caring and their behavior with foreigners is Amazing. …

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Nikkah Photos of Urwa and Farhan Saeed

Popular Pakistani drama celebrities Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane tie the knots in their Nikkah ceremony held in Badshahi Masjid in Lahore. Both were looking gorgeous Together. Urwa and Farhan are friends and they did some Pakistani dramas with each other also. Their friendhsip converted into love and now they …

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Junaid Jamshed emotional interview after leaving singing

Watch emotional interview of Junaid Jamshed after leaving singing. Junaid Jamshed was sharing his personal life difficulties after separation from singing. While telling his sad story, Junaid Jamshed said that I dont want to Tell anyone about my problems which me and my family faced after I left singing but …

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Report of International Media on Kargil War 1999

Watch International media report on Kargil War between India and Pakistan in 1999. This war happened between Armies of both countries. Kargil is an area of Kashmir where in 1999 forces of both India and Pakistan battled in 1999. This war was named as Kargil war and it has its …

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Jaw breaking reply by Pervez Musharaf to Molvi

Former President and Army Chief of Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharaf brilliant reply to Molvi when he was president. It was a ceremony where Musharaf was guest. A person in audience ask a question related to Baloch people to Musharaf and said that when you talk to Baloch people you usually …

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