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Yummy Chinese Chicken Spicy Rice

Chinese Chicken Spicy RiceThis Chinese Chicken Spicy Rice Recipe is very easy to make. You can make this Yummy dish at Home with very easy steps. You can have these rice at lunch, dinner or at Tea as well. It is very easy to make and you can prepare it in no time. This delicious spicy rice can be eaten with friends and family. These rice are equally loved by children as well.

So, lets take a look at this Recipe in detail:

Ingredients are:

• 1) Chicken 1/2 Kg
• 2) Rice 1/2 Kg
• 3) cabbage 1 Small
• 4) Carrot 1
• 5) Peas 1/2 cup
• 6) Spring onion 1
• 7) Green chillies 3-4
• 8) Eggs 2
• 9) Salt 1 Tbsp
• 10) Chinese Salt 1 Tbsp
• 11) Black Pepper 1 Tbsp
• 12) Whole Spice Ground 1 Tbsp
• 13) Soya Sauce 3 Tbsp
• 14) Yellow food colour 1 pinch
• 15) Oil 1/2 cup

Its Method is:

1-Boil chicken with pinch of salt and remove from bones.

2-In a non sticking pan take 2 Tbsp of oil and fry cabbage and carrot untill cooked. dont overcook. now put boiled peas and spring onion. Stir for few minutes and set a side.
3- Now heat 1/2 cup oil in(preferably) non sticking pan. Add 2 baten eggs and mix vigorously. Now add food color.
4-Put chicken in it and stir for some time then put cooked vegetables.
5- Add green chillies and all spices from salt to soya sauce. Mix well.
6-Now put boiled rice stir and shake well by covering and holding the pan from sides so that all things mix well.
7- Serve hot.

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