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#NeverForgetPk campaign highlights atrocities in Kashmir news

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Renowned social activist ‘Mohammad Jibran Nasir‘ launched a campaign through#NeverForgetPakistanFacebook page plateform in which he targeted some famous celebrities of India involving their celebrities, politicians and also founder of Facebook for highlighting the Kashmir news and issues.. The purpose of his campaign is to tell the people about Indian Army’s brutal attacks in Kashmir from last 16 days.indiacantsee campaign Narendra Modi

Amitabh Bachchan

While talking about his campaign, Jibran highlighted the bitter reality of this world and said that the main purpose of this campaign is to wake up the human beings all over the globe on this serious issue. ‘The agenda of this activity is to wake up to dead humanity in this world through the injured faces of these celebrities and politicians. If there is a picture of a Kashmiri kid, nobody will focus on that but if there is a injured photo of these politicians or celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan or Indian PM Narendra Modi, whole world will take notice of that but nobody is saying anything about this cruel behavior of Indian forces in Kashmir’ he added.

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We highlighted these celebrities because if these things will happen to them everybody will give their sympathies to these celebs infect media will also highlight them in their News but on Kashmir issue no one is willing to say anything or even nobody has condemn these attacks by Indian Army. We also want to highlight this issue because world should know that what policies and rules Indian Army and forces are following. They even don’t know what their targets are. They are attacking children and people should know what difficulties and hurdles Kashmiri people are facing every day.

While telling about the statements added to these posts, Jibran said that these stories are taken from different Newspapers and other sources and these stories are true face of India.

Jibran also said that they contacted Kashmir authorities before launching this campaign and they really supported this campaign and said that this will help their cause.

The target of our campaign is to spread our message of humanity in whole world because nobody raise voice against these thing including Pakistan as well.

About the idea of this campaign, Jibran said that the concept of this campaign was mine but Murtaza and Batool did the Photoshop work and its a Team effort. Our next step is to extend this campaign and we will include global leaders in this post as well.indiacantsee campaign Sonia Gandhi indiacantsee campaign Mark Zuckerberg


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