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PFA seals KFC Multan branch because of Unhygienic food was being served

PFA seals KFC Multan.
Substandard meat was being served to the public at KFC Multan.
This is not the first time that PFA has taken action against KFC.
KFC Multan fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Punjab Food Authority.


Punjab Food Authority has sealed Kentucky Fried Chicken Multan. Punjab Food Authority has launched an inspection drive and seals those restaurants that failed to meet the standard operating procedures of Punjab Pure Food Regulations.

Substandard quality meat was being served to the customers at the restaurant. Earlier, another branch of KFC was shut down by PFA for non-compliance to the instructions. The meat infected with the worms attack was being sold out at the fast food point. Here you can see the photos of poor quality chicken at KFC Multan before going to the food outlet.

There have been several cases in which the PFA sealed a number of restaurants but what’s next? These restaurants and hotels pay some amount of fine and get to work again. The food authority must pinpoint some long-lasting solutions for the problem of unhygienic food.

PFA has also sealed five restaurants along the motorway in its recent drive against the poor quality food being served to the public. People frequently visit restaurants that are located on the motorway as they are out for vacations. Punjab Food Authority conducts a surprise inspection of restaurants, cafes, canteens, bakeries to ensure the provision of safe and pure food to the consumers.

Have you come across any poor quality food in the hotels and other food outlets, don’t shy away to lodge a complaint against them. Report your complaint to PFA