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Shut Up call given to India by Pakistan on Kashmir Issue

Shut Up call given to India by Pakistan on Kashmir Issue

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan gives Shut Up call to India on Kashmir Issue yesterday. Pakistan’s opinion was that nobody has right to say anything about the Future of Kashmir.

Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Minister ‘Sartaj Aziz‘ was off the view that ‘No Indian Minister can give its verdict on the future of Kashmir’. Only the people of Kashmir have right to decide about their future.
Sartaj Aziz statement came after his Indian counterpart ‘Sushma Swaraj‘ said that ‘Pakistan is trying to separate Kashmir from India’. Sushma’s comments were related to the Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif’s recent tour to Azad Kashmir where he loudly said that Pakistan is with the people of Kashmir and will not tolerate the behavior of Indian Army and the freedom movement will not be stopped. Nawaz Sharif also added that Kashir soon will be part of Pakistan.

Pakistan recently protest against Indian Army’s cruel behavior with the Kashmir people recent days where they attacked several innocent people of Kashmir which includes children as well. Pakistan also appealed against this brutal attack of Indians at United Nation and other Human Rights platforms.

Sartaj Aziz stated that United Nation promissed that they will look into this matter and try to solve this matter as soon as possible. He also said that other Human Right committees and platforms backed Pakistan on Kashmir matter.

Aziz also urged other Nations and Human Rights commissions to stop Indian authorities from assaulting the innocent people of Kashmir.

Many analysts suggests that a fact finding commission should be formed to see into this matter because India is labeling the freedom movement in Kashmir as a violation.

Dr. Pervez Iqbal, a famous analyst stated that Pakistan should keep the pressure on India on Kashmir issue and tell the world about their reality. Many voices are blowing up against India on Kashmir issue in India as well, Pakistan should keep India under pressure and tell the global world about their true face, He added.

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