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Wolverine ‘Ahmed Mujtaba MMA’ Pakistan’s unbeaten fighter

Mixed Martial Arts is an upcoming and developing sport in Pakistan and Ahmed Mujtaba MMA is an unbeaten superstar in this sport for Pakistan. He got the name of Wolverine due to his resemblance with the famous X-Men character. Ahmed Mujtaba MMA defended his featherweight belt in the first round in Philippines against Filipino Neil Larano. He took just 1 minute and 8 seconds to defend his title in a match where the local was the favorite.

While talking about his journey in this sport, Ahmed Mujtaba MMA told about his passion, determination and hard work in this sport. He is from Quetta and he is a student in Balochistan University of (BUITEMS) Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences.

‘Initially, I came into this field for self defense due to the security situation in the city at that time. I am training from last six years’ Ahmed Mujtaba MMA added.

About his passion in this game, Ahmed Mujtaba MMA said that he was interested in watching wrestling since his childhood and my interest in this sport increased day by day, I started proper training in Islamabad. At this stage I ranked 5th in Asia and I also hold the best record of 7-0 in Pakistan. This is the high achievement record in this sport in Pakistan, he further added.

He shared the details of his hard work and said that ‘I couldn’t go to my home on Eid because of my tight training and fighting schedule’ I started training in Islamabad and went to Philippines because I love what I do.

About the Important contributions in his fighting career, Ahmed Mujtaba MMA, the Wolverine said that his teachers ‘Sir Sultan’ and ‘Sir Ehtasham’ have played a major role in his career. He further told that his University also played a major role in supporting him both financially and morally. ‘My teachers, University and specially my family supported me throughout my career. Without their support I would never have been able to reach where I am right now’

Answering about a question on development of this sport in Pakistan, Ahmed Mujtaba MMA said that many of his social media fans and followers contact him for personal training. The Wolverine also said that many boys and girls are interested in this sport and I will definitely grow this sport in my country.

Ahmed Mujtaba MMA send a message to his fans and followers. He said that ‘ I want to tell everyone that if you have specific goals in your mind then work hard and go for it, dont delay them because if you know that you can do it then work hard and achieve it’

Always remember ALLAH because ALLAH is always with you and respect your parents because what I am today is all because of the prayers of my parents

The Wolverine ‘Ahmed Mujtaba MMA’ is a rising superstar in this sport in Pakistan and he will surly grow and expand this sport in Pakistan.

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